Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Children's Book Illustration - The Witch and The Cat

The first project for my Children's Book Illustration class.  This one took about a week (a couple of hours here and there all while battling the flu).  Based on a little poem that our Instructor Julie Downing gave us.  Fun Piece...It just took a while.  Not completely happy with with it, but I guess I could live with it...for now

EDIT: After the critique in class, I couldn't help but feel that I drew this piece too stiffly.  It felt as if there weren't much texture or character to the witch at all.  Even the color rough had more life to them than the final.  So when I got home, I quickly went to work on a sketch of what it could have been.  Based off a "mean girl" back in high school. I could always change it, but for now........

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