Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Show 2013


I've applied every year and every year I've been rejected.....except this year.  Finally I got a couple of things in, but the pomp and circumstance that I thought I'd hear in my head upon hearing the news kind of wasn't there.  I see everyone celebrating the good news, but why wasn't I?  It feels like....okay....is this it?...now what?

Since the initial hooray from seeing the acceptance letters yesterday I kind of found time to just sit down and give this a thought.  Five years of rejection and FINALLY someone wanted to show my work in the school's biggest event of the year.  I'm humbled and I'm extremely grateful that I was among the ones chosen, but why do I have this annoying feeling of blah-ness?

I know that it has been an eventful year.  It has been a year in which I've lost a loved one, a year where such a tight knit family like mine started to kind of "detach", and of course it is my final year in the school.  Graduation is two weeks away, and even with all the things that happened, there isn't a reason why I shouldn't pat myself in the back.  I've worked goddamn hard in all of my classes (LA classes doesn't count :)  I literarily almost did cartwheels down Powell when I, along with another person, got the only A's in Joko's Adv. Perspective class.  I managed to turn a couple of Midterm C into Final A's just by working my ass off...HEll!  I learned FLASH!  Those there, among many other moments during my time here at AAU, are some of the proudest I've been.  I know grades don't really matter in the end.  It is more about improving your own skills while learning some new things along the way. But those grades also meant that you were doing something right. When it came to the show, what was I doing wrong in the last five years?

It sucks,but getting a spot in this year's Spring Show feels like a severance package just to give me a bit of boost while on my way out the door. I also know that not everyone can make the show.  It's a friendly competition.  Spots are limited.  The amount of talented, hardworking people with amazing pieces weren't able to make it in. For those who still have time, I do hope that you make it in next year.  And for the ones who didn't make it in on their final year, WE could certainly still do something about it...

Anyway, there's my lengthy morning rant.  I am extremely happy and lucky to have a spot in the show....I just had to let it it out there ya' know... A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS for everyone who produced amazing works this year regardless of making it in or not.  Hard work is hard work....