Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Michael's 4 Dollar Junk Bag Haul/Upcycle

Though I hate to admit that I am totally broke, I needed to go buy some watercolor brushes at the local Michael's Craft Store after I had lunch with mom and sisters.  Well, after an hour browsing through with my family, not only did I come away with two brushes, but with a pair of SALE AS IS mystery bag filled with random junk.  I don't know what urged me to buy it, but I did (well, mom paid :)

So this is what I ended up getting.  A bunch of random Sports related Greeting Cards, Summer Seasonal Stamps, and a Quilting Kit thing. 

According to the instructions, it was supposed to be an Angel.  I think I ended up with something better...a Mer-Pug!

After a couple of days of just sitting in a box at the corner of my room, I decided to do something with the Random Sports Cards and their matching envelopes...This is what I ended up coming up with.  I thought that I would just put together recycled construction paper and the Random Sports Cards with a little help from a pair of scissors and some glue...hmmm?  I think I stumbled onto something :)

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