Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I wish I've woken and found that it was nothing but a dream. My heart hurts to no end....
This is my baby sister Thea. She is a caring, loving, funny, selfless, beautiful, courageous, intelligent, amazing, wonderful sister and friend. Yesterday, her life was cut short..... I'm in shock, I am angry and I am devastated. We all are. I don't know how to cope. Yesterday, a piece that made me a whole person went along with her. She was everything I described and more...sadly a disease caused her to lose pieces of herself as time went along.
I could have done more...I could have listened more...believed more...seen the signs more... Told her I loved her more.
My baby sister is gone. I will no longer hear her laugh...tell her weird funny stories...listen to her gush about her pug babies... Hear her complain that I talk too much.
I can't....I love you so much! Everyone loved you so much. I wished you believed that.
I just wanted everyone to meet her and know what kind of a person she was... hoping to keep her memory alive. 
Stay safe and hold your love ones tightly. In her memory I hope that you could all join me to do good, make better choices. To look out for signs when someone is in need and to take good care of yourself and your love ones.
I love you Thea. You are with Dad now 

Edit: I originally wrote this on September 9, 2016 -- a day after my sister's passing.  I meant to share but I just couldn't.  It has almost been four months and I am still devastated.  I think about her constantly and I breakdown knowing that I will never see, smell, touch or hear her ever again.  I am no longer whole.  However, I have to continue on.  I inherited her two pug babies.  I still have to stay strong for my mom and my other sister.  I love you so much Thea... you are forever engrained into my being.

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